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  • Eating: my pen
a guy i know bought my painting of The Mask (…) i actually sold a painting. this is so cool.
he just said tat he likes the movie, it's really cool, and how much.
it was so cool, we did a trade, and my dad was so proud XD
i actually wasn't 100% happy with that one, because of the hand and some other problems i noticed, but i will never argue with a paying customer XD

in other news, I'm out of half of my water colors, and it sucks. i will go tomorrow and buy new ones (mine are over 14 years old) and finish the V for Vendetta painting I'm working on, and fix the messed up mad hatter XD

so, those 2 new works are on the way, some mythology stuff, like "i see dead people" (…)

any suggestions who i should draw next? i though about the creepy dude from Saw and maybe somekind of contribute to fight club ^^

any way!
have a great week everyone!

hatoola13 Aviva B

commissions are open!…
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Submitted on
November 14, 2011