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  • Eating: my pen
just wanted to let you know i found this awesome website where you can upload only portraits of famous people and such :D
so, obviously i had to make a profile there :D… go check it out! mine is kinda empty now because I'm waiting for approval of my submissions but you really should check out the awesome artists there!

any way, i have an art block in the last week, i have no idea what to draw so i just make lots of Memes from around DA. it's a good practice on stuff i don't usually do and quite fun ^^
that's one of the reasons why I'm less active lately ^^" the other one is that i study for a test right now and i lost half of my free time until the end of the month :P

if you know about any cool memes and you want me to do them, let me know! :D


commissions are open!!
send me a note ^_^
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November 29, 2011


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